Why Visit A Cosmetic Durham Dentist?


A stunning smile is one of the most important assets any person can have. It smooths the way during social interactions as well as ensuring that you make a positive impression during professional interactions. It is the job of the cosmetic dentist to ensure that your smile remains as vibrant as the personality that you wish to project to the world.

The difference between a cosmetic dentist and a regular dentist is that the cosmetic dentist offers services that improve or maintain the appearance of the individual – in addition to offering services related to oral health.

Visiting a cosmetic dentist is today less stressful than it has ever been due to advancements in technology and even prosthetics that reduce the pain and recovery periods involved in various cosmetic procedures. Advances in fields such as laser whitening and other treatments supplied by cosmetic dentists have made the idea of procedures performed to improve the appearance of teeth that much more attractive to many people.

So what are the major reasons that people pay a visit to a cosmetic dentist?

Firstly there are the ever popular procedures for whitening teeth. The modern lifestyle of fast foods and processed meals as well as habits such as smoking and drinking (even the tannin’s in tea and coffee can cause teeth to become stained) can lead to tooth discoloration. Fortunately there are procedures that can whiten the teeth in just a few hours. In most circumstances the cosmetic dentist will use a whitening gel and a specialized light that will activate the cosmetic gel and whiten the teeth.

Many people also visit cosmetic dentists to have braces fitted. New technological advances have seen the metal braces that were standard for years disappear and the latest types are extremely unobtrusive. Those who want to enjoy perfectly aligned teeth can expect to be visiting the cosmetic dentist between three or four times a month until the desired effect is achieved.

Anyone who has had a problem with their wisdom teeth can tell you that they can cause tremendous discomfort. If they emerge incorrectly they can also affect the alignment of the other teeth in the mouth. People often visit the cosmetic dentist to have these problem teeth removed in order to ensure that they do not affect the other teeth.

For many people the loss of a tooth, either from an accident or through tooth or gum disease can have devastating consequences – both social and professional. Fortunately there have been impressive advances in the use of prosthetics to replace missing teeth. Implants that today fuse with the jawbone are safe and extremely effective at mimicking the appearance of natural teeth.  For a consultation with one of the top dental implant specialists, please visit Digital Dentistry at Southpoint.

For anyone who wants their smile to dazzle in either a social situation or give them that much needed edge in the professional world – or who just wants to look their best a trip to the cosmetic dentist is highly recommended. After all, that smile is the only one that you have – you need to take care of it.

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