When Do You Need A DUI Lawyer?

when to get a DUI lawyer

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are considered criminal offenses. A person can be convicted if the alcohol content of his blood exceeds the legal level from 0.05% to 0.08%, depending on the jurisdiction. In such a situation the person can be arrested. If you have been arrested under such a charge, you should immediately seek the help of a DUI lawyer. A professional and reputed attorney can help avoid or minimize harsh consequences as well as penalties typically associated with driving under the influence. Having the knowledge of when to hire or contact such a lawyer can make a difference between receiving a not-guilty verdict and/or reduced plea verdict and losing your license or going to jail.

Why do you need a DUI lawyer?

Do not take DUI arrests casually. There is a good chance that you will have to pay hefty fines, have your license suspended, or face jail time if you have been put under arrest for driving under the influence. Apart from this, you may encounter personal hardships at work, with personal relationships with others, and with your future work prospects. Additionally, you will need to cope with extreme psychological issues too, in case someone expired due to your drunk driving. While you can handle certain legal matters alone, the DUI case deserves the legal advice of a qualified as well as a reputable DUI lawyer. Do not seek the help of any criminal defense lawyer, since DUI laws are highly specific and centralized. It is best to hand over the case to an experienced DUI lawyer. Besides, a reputable DUI attorney, based on her or his specialized knowledge of breath analyzers may challenge certain aspects of your DUI charge.

What to look for in a DUI lawyer

Reputable and qualified DUI attorneys handle a variety of cases that involve DWI arrests, DUI arrests, as well as other drunk driving-related offenses. You should concentrate on the lawyer’s commitment, skill level, location of service, and expertise when looking for a DUI lawyer. For example, a professional DUI lawyer may help:
• Avoid trial with a plea bargain
• Reduce your DUI charges to a lesser offense
• Eliminate a revoked license, and
• Eliminate or reduce jail time

Additionally, make sure the lawyer is the one who really conducts the majority of the work in your case and possesses the necessary skill levels. Finally, it is important that the lawyer has experience in the county or city where the arrest took place because DUI laws vary widely by county and state. Therefore, instead of handing over your case to the first lawyer whose details you find on the net, contact a couple of them, find out how many cases they have solved successfully, and then entrust your case to the one you find is the most experienced and has a good standing in quickly solving DUI cases.

How to find a DUI lawyer?

There are numerous ways to locate a good DUI attorney. Online research as well as referrals from family and friends may be a good start. Remember, do not trust the testimonials posted on most websites, as not all of them may be true. Unless you have unlimited time to spend online or live in the same county as your relative or friend, you can depend on one of the numerous quality-assured lawyer directories to find a reputable and local DUI lawyer.

Questions to ask a DUI lawyer

• Here are some of the questions you should ask the attorney before hiring her or him:
• The percentage of my DUI case will you really handle?
• The percentage of your criminal defense practice that is devoted to DWI/DUI cases?
• What are your fees and how do you calculate them?
• Are you aware of the breath analyzer requirements of the state along with loopholes?

DUI Lawyer fees

The fees of the lawyer depend on several factors. Now all lawyers are the same. Expect to pay more to a good lawyer who has years of experience behind him. Also, your location determines the amount you will pay to the attorney. Therefore, a New York-based lawyer will cost more as opposed to a Kansas based attorney. Last, of all, the charges are case-specific and the fees will vary depending on the quantity of work the lawyer needs to represent your case. She or he will charge more for handling the case of a habitual offender versus a first time offender.

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