Plumbing Tips on Your Leaking Pipes?

What should you do with a leaking pipe? If you think about this, your first thought might be to fix it. However, as evident as that answer might seem thinking about it now, it is a very different situation when you have to confront the issue in real life.

If you do find a leaking pipe, then the first thing you need to think about isn’t so much about fixing it, but about containing or mitigating any potential damage. If the leak is dangerous, then you might need to find the source of water to that pipe and shut it off so that nothing else is flowing. Failure to do so can mean risking parts of your home or business getting flooded, especially lower levels. Water in the walls can risk mold and mildew, and too much water in the foundation can mean severe structural damage. This damage can be the same in comparison to leaving your pipes flowing when it comes the time to repair the toilet.

Should the leak seem not that serious, you might be content to put a towel or bucket under it for the time being, but is this wise? How do you know it will stay a minor or mild leak until it is dealt with?

This all leads to the second question, which is who is going to deal with the leaking pipe? Containing potential damage and triage of the situation is your responsibility, and fixing it could also fall on your shoulders, but only under particular circumstances. For instance, you need to be a willing and capable do-it-yourself, but you also need clearance to work on the property physically. You have that right if you own the residence, but if you are an employee of a commercial facility or your let a house, then you might need to call a facilities department, landlord, or property manager to come to deal with the pipe.

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