Martial Arts

Martial Arts Odyssey

Martial Arts Odyssey is a web TV show (and now DVD series) following Antonio Graceffo (The Monk from Brooklyn) as he travels through Asia, training and documenting martial arts. “Through the power of the internet, we now have the ability to preserve all of these ancient arts and make sure that none of them fall into extinction.” ~Antonio Graceffo

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Language Linguistics

Having trouble learning languages? Antonio speaks 6 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Khmer, German, Spanish, Italian, and French, and is also an experienced ESL teacher and applied linguist. Use his articles and videos to overcome the common pitfalls faced by both language learners and teachers.

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Humanitarian Work

Antonio has worked tirelessly to shed light on lesser known cultures and ethnic minorities across Asia. These includes

  • The atrocities carried out the Shan people in Burma
  • The plight of The Long Neck “Karen” Hill Tribe” in Thailand (who are actually the Padong)
  • The story of Cham Muslims in Cambodia
  • Many other fascinating (and often tragic) stories

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Antonios Story

  •  Travels across Asia
  • Production of “Martial Arts Odyssey”
  • Writing his 6 books
  • Reaching fluency in half a dozen languages
  • Working to fight the atrocities carried out against ethnic minorities in Burma and Cambodia
  • There is the story of Antonio’s personal and professional struggles to get where he is today


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