Humanitarian Work

Humanitarian by Nature

Antonio has worked tirelessly to shed light on lesser known cultures and ethnic minorities across Asia.  He has included the atrocities carried out on many different groups.

  • The Shan people in Burma
  • The plight of The Long Neck “Karen” Hill Tribe” in Thailand (who are actually the Padong)
  • The story of Cham Muslims in Cambodia
  • and many other fascinating (and often tragic) stories.

Martial Arts Odyssey

Martial Arts Odyssey is a web TV show (and now DVD series) following Antonio Graceffo (The Monk from Brooklyn) as he travels through Asia, training and documenting martial arts. “Through the power of the internet, we now have the ability to preserve all of these ancient arts and make sure that none of them fall into extinction.” ~Antonio Graceffo

Martial Arts Odyssey: Volume 1 Kuntaw & Bokator

Starring Antonio Graceffo. Directed by Charlie Armour.


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Martial Arts Odyssey, now with 160 episodes, began with a single episode: Kuntaw in the Philippines. From Manila, Antonio Graceffo then flew to Cambodia to show Bokator to the world.

“Martial Arts Odyssey: Volume One” brings the beauty of Kuntaw and Bokator into one professionally produced DVD, with never before seen the footage, interviews, and photos all shot on location, in the exotic world of Asian martial arts.

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Warrior Odyssey

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Following the author’s landmark decision to quit his job on Wall Street and become a martial arts student, Warrior Odyssey captures Antio Graceffos ongoing adventure across the Far East.

Beginning in Taiwan, this autobiography documents how the protagonist learned the Chinese language, kung fu, and twe so (push hands), then journeyed on to the Shaolin Temple in mainland China. His next trek found him studying at the last Muay Thai temple in Thailand.

Reflecting on a decade of travel, this recollection illustrates a perpetual quest as the author continues to voyage and practice both familiar and obscure fighting styles. Tracing his expeditions through 10 countries altogether, the odyssey also ventures through Hong Kong, Cambodia, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.

Speaking Adventure

Language Linguistics

A Man of Many Tongues

Having trouble learning languages? Antonio speaks 6 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Khmer, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. He is also an experienced ESL teacher and applied linguist. Use his articles and videos to overcome the common pitfalls faced by both language learners and teachers.