Vo Co Truyen

Posted on March 26, 2010

Antonio Graceffo seeks out the original Vietnamese martial arts form, Vo Co Truyen. Vietnamese martial arts competitor, Le Trung Linh invites Antonio to Quan Thanh Temple, where Teacher Bui Dang Vang teaches him the fighting applications of Nam Hong Son, a local style of Vo Co Truyen.


Part 1



Part 2

Antonio learns more of the Vo Co Truyen fighting applications with Teacher Bui Dang Van. Side kicks, face slaps, and groin strikes, Vo Co Truyen is very different from Muay Thai. Antonio meets Teacher Bui Dang Van’s first teacher and knocks forearms with a guy hanging around the temple.


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  1. Dear Mr Antonio,

    Thank you so much for your recommend our Vo Co Truyen to the world.

    Best wishes for you!

    Si Nguyen Ho