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"A Life In Shan State" Video Project

Stories of the victims of the Burmese Junta

by Antonio Graceffo

Defying the Burmese government’s ban on journalists, Antonio crossed the border under the protection of the Shan State Army, and began filming interviews with IDPs (Interanlly Displaced Persons) within the war zone.

When Sei Lieng came back to his village he saw the head of an old man hanging from a tree. His father was already dead. When he found his mother, she was still breathing, so he dragged her to the temple and asked the monks if they could help her. She died a few minutes later. After the next attack, he found his sister dead in a pool of blood behind a hut. Unable to care for his six year old brother alone, he left his brother at a monastery. Eventually, Sai Lieng made his way to the Shan State Army headquarters at Loi Tailang, where he attended school for the fist time in his life.
He was ten years old.

This is only one of thousands of stories at the Loi Tailang camp.
“A Life in Shan State” video project will document the lives, joys, and suffering of the internally displaced people, orphans, soldiers, and civilians living at the Loi Tailang facility. The Shan young people are intelligent, literate and thinking. This project will allow them to tell their story to the world, a world that has ignored their suffering.

The project calls for Antonio to publish one print article per week and one youtube video, documenting the plight of the Shan people. The project will culminate in the release of a full length DVD documentary about the people of Shan State, which Antonio will donate to a socially responsible retailer who will then sell the DVD, with the proceeds going to support the orphan dormitory and the school at Loi Tailang.
Antonio is seeking small donations to cover the cost of filming, editing, and travel for this project.

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